Monday, September 7, 2009

The Death Of Technicolor

Suspiria(1977) Directed By Dario Argento
The story and performances in this film are some of B-horrors worst, the cinematography, set design, death sequences, and music however are as unique and inspired as horror films get.This is the last film processed in Technicolor before the plant closed in 1977, and is responsible in large for the final gasp of bright garish colors. Argento has never made a film this visually vibrant and musically audacious. Dario Argento films have thin plots which allow his sinister imagination to stage elaborate "Giallo" death scenes. Giallo is a genre originating out of Italy, part pulpy mystery, part fantastic horror and crime stories, part erotic thriller, and always ridiculous amounts of violence. The pulps, are "yellow books" basically, Gaillo means yellow in Italian, which for some reason was cheaper than white paper and used in allot of pop novels and magazines at the time.This genre has been Dario Argento's modus operendi for nearly thirty years, and though for the most part, his filmography is full of really not even amusingly bad films. This is the one that made him famous enough to make people interested in all the others.For me it's the best, the bizarre and operatic soundtrack by the indescribable sounds of “Goblins” alone makes it worthwhile viewing.The story is about a girl attending a haunted Ballet school in Germany. She arrives the same day of a tragic and grisly murder, and begins unraveling the mystery to uncover the dark and ancient secret behind it all. A little slow at times, the story is a loose excuse to run wild with macabre ideas that don't need too much explanation. It's also the beginning of a trilogy about three witch sisters who are "responsible for all the worlds suffering" continuing with dissapointing "Inferno" set in New York, and ending with last years "The Mother of Tears" (the less said the better) set in Rome. According the rumor mill, there is a Japanese anime version in the works, and a remake supposedly to be made by David Gordon Green and staring and produced by Natalie Portman. Argento has been aginst the project saying "it will be shit, but that won't be my fault", and as much as I loved Green's "George Washington"(a movie in my personal all time top ten) I tend to agree. They don't make em like this anymore because the color processe responsible literally don't exist. Featuring a mix of slashers, killer dogs, witches, bats, and maggots, "Suspiria" is a horror funhouse and a masterpiece of the genre. That bieng said, it is a film mostly for fans and horror enthusiasts, those looking for a movie that's actually scary, might want to look elsewhere. Those in for a wild operatic pulp horror have found their golden ticket.

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