Monday, September 7, 2009

The Mighty Peking Man

The Mighty Peking Man(1977)
Directed By Ho Meng-hua
The Mighty Peking Man is a Hong Kong re-make of "King Kong", that has some amazingly ridiculous moments, such as Peking Man hurling a boulder as broad as his chest in one scene, and in the very next it landing on the chest of a thin man and knocking him over slightly.Aside from magic shrinking boulders, there is an extended sequence in which a young Hong Kong fortune hunter falls in love with a mysterious stranger on monster land, who happens to be the whitest woman to ever wear a cheetah print skirt; her blond hair and blue eyes, blidingly sparkly like a diamond sea. The two of them from a relationship and have extended relations, told in continuous montages, with music so gushingly 70's R&B your sure the voice of Barry White is going to bubble up any second.The jungle lovin goes on way to long (smiling, frolicking, running around, all very "Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid"), and then it's back to business, abducting the ape, taking the ape to the city, annoying said ape til he goes berserk, etc. It's very funny, and incredibly bad, and announces itself as such very early on. If you like Big Bad ape, movies, the "Mighty Peking Man" or "Colossus of Congo"(though they find him in the Himalayas???), is the worst of the worst, or best of the best.

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