Friday, September 25, 2009

Man Vs. Mongoose


Directed by Bernard L. Kowalski

Sssssss (you don't say it you hiss it!), is one of the best of the worst movies Ive ever seen, but then again I did find at 3am, where it lured me in with its siren call to scrap my bellow across the bottom of the barrel of 70's junk horror. A young man comes to work for a scientist experimenting with snakes, and becomes the subject of an experiment to turn humans into snakes (never mind why) and not half-human-half-snake men, just regular normal sized snakes. Its not as if the film didn't have the budget for half-human-half-snake men, because during a prolonged transformation sequence we watch one of the guys slowly become more and more snake like, reminiscent of a low budget "The Fly", but the end result...just snakes... The evil scientist also kills his enemies and his daughter's would be suitors by hiding poisonous snakes in their rooms, or pouring them on their heads or using them as daggers (or maybe I just dreamed that part). Its truly one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and one hypnotic in its awful execution on ever level. The explosive climax of the of the film is a fight between a snake and a mongoose. Although one or two of the performances are decent, I'm surprised that anyone would re-use this most clever and obscure of movie titles, but Jennifer Lynch (or her distributors since Wikipedia actually calls the film "Nagin: The Snake Woman".) decided to give it a dust off. You have to ssssssseee it for yourself...I'm sorry I had to say it once...

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