Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Collage: "Evil Stitched To Evil"

"You fool Victor Frankenstien of Geneva, how could you know what you had unleashed? How was it pieced together? Bits of thieves? Bits of murderers? Evil stitched to evil stitched to evil."-Frankenstien by Mary Shelly. I always liked those lines. I started working with collage about four years ago, it rose from a desire to not have to look at bare white walls in my room all the time. Instead of just posting some images I liked (posters, artwork, flyers etc) on my walls I thought I would personalize it and combine the pictures I most responded to and from there it just went on and on....Now my walls are completely covered, and Ive covered most of my ceiling. Most of these are poster board size some are two or three taped together (one is about a quarter of the size of all the others). In taking photographs of each one certain portions get cut out while others might look askew because they were crooked when I took them down and positioned them. Blogspot only allows me to make the pictures so big, and like scanning films for video and DVD, some of the image gets cut out, details and aspect are lost, or blurred by glare, etc. In a perfect world they would be big enough to read the small print, which I intentionally preserved as a kind of oblique comic book poetry.I'm not too computer savvy, so I don't work digitally, everything is done by hand and each one usually takes me about 2 hours of cutting and selection, and then 3 to 4 hours of arrangement and maybe another hour and a half to two hours for gluing. Sometimes days or weeks can go by in between arranging and gluing, altering exchanging and pulling out images here and there. The only things I use are glue sticks, poster board, patience, ever increasing stacks of magazines, and scissors.None of these have really seen the light of day, except when I move to someplace new. No audience save friends and family who've been in my room, visited my old apartment, or Myspace crossed my Myspace, where I originally started letting people (only those on friends list) take peaks at them. Some were also on Facebook for a brief period, but no galleries, contest, impersonal settings or things like that. This is my wallpaper and psychic insulation from those higher and lower dimensional beings who would attempt to spy on me and infect my dreams.Anyway here they are the first 43(more or less) in rough order of most recent to oldest:

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Arvillah said...

Look! I'm all up in your collages.
I feel special=)