Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who You Gonna Call?

The Monster Squad(1987)

Directed By Fred Dekker

This isn't a great film by any stretch of the imagination, but it did manage to completely capture the mind of childhood self. Dracula, The Wolf-Man, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and a swamp creature (ala Creature From The Black Lagoon), all converge on a small suburban town some time in the 80's. Dracula is attempting to bring about the end of the world (never mind why or how), and it involves Frankenstein, the stroke of midnight, and a magical amulet. Thankfully some junior high kids find a book by Van Helsing, and since they already have a horror themed monster club, they decide they are best suited to save the town.Being a boy who watched an unusually high amount of horror films for his age, I ate this film up, devoured the frames repeatedly for years, and though I am clearly biased, I think allot of it still holds up pretty well. I can't imagine a time when "Wolfman's got nards!", or "...they call me...(shotgun cocking sound)...Horace!", wouldn't bring an easy smile to my face. All and all it's an imaginative and witty little children's horror film, from the director of "Night Of The Creeps" a hilariously bad 80's throwback to 50's drive in zombie/alien movies.Imagine a meeting of the minds between Ghost Busters, The Goonies, and House Of Frankenstein, with a classic monsters fetish, a fist pumping 80's score (there's even a rap song with the films title as its own, played over the end credits) and your in Monster Squad land. Anyway, it's good kids adventure stuff, with a little more sex/violence than your average children's film, or maybe it's just 80's children's film's in general, Artex dying in Never Ending Story, etc, but its still fairly acceptable for all ages. So if your babysitting an eccentric child or feeling that synthesized dayglo 80's nostalgia, Monster Squad is a good way to kill some time, but be warned, it kinda sucks in you in after awhile.

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