Friday, July 17, 2009

This Is Not My Beautiful House, This Is Not My Beautiful Wife...

Coraline (2009)
Directed By Henry Selick

I missed this in 3d, but it was glad I saw it on the movie screen. Coraline has great animation from Henry Selick, and an interesting story from Niel Gaiman, its full of wonder, terror, and wide eyed movie magic.Its a story of a little girl who finds a door to another world, where everything is just better, the food, the parents, the neighbors, everything, but theres something slightly wrong. Everyone has buttons for eyes, and as Coraline soon discovers she is expected to have a similar procedure and stay there forever. Its not as propulsive as Nightmare Before Christmas, or James and The Giant Peach, in both those films the characters either inhabit or are completely whisked away to their fantasy worlds.Coraline is slowed down a bit, because after she finds the fantasy world, she goes back to her real one. This back and forth gets a little repetitive, because each time we meet a new neighbor, we know were soon to meet the Other version of them. Why not just meet everyone at the beginning, and then have her just spend the rest of the movie in Otherland?Oh well, its still an above average excellently stylized children's film, that I can only imagine would have been better in 3d. Theres allot of fun "Alice In Wonderland" allusions to, the disappearing cat and the singing flowers. Coraline, learns to appreciate the real world, which despite its faults, at least doesn't exist solely too mutilate your face and feed off your life force. Good times, not great, but not bad either.

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