Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm A Neat Kind Of Guy

Fear, Anxiety, Depression(1989) Directed By Todd Solondz

"I'm a neat kind of guy"!!!(forgotten great songs of the 80's, and no Ive tried and can't track it down sadly...). Todd Solondz sings the songs you love! His dirtiest secret (not pedophilia, child abuse, or sexual perversion or any of the standard fare from his films)...the truth is far more embarrassing and confessional, basically its that he made a pretty terrible and intermittently funny version of "Annie Hall" in the 80's. Solondz, writes, directs, scores and stars in the Allen role, that is, to quote reviews of his Samuel Becket obsessed play within the film, "pathetically personal and self-conscious".Solondz is in love with a flighty 80's big city girl, but is in a relationship with a clingy awkward mirror of himself, who he has to ditch...awkwardly.I kinda enjoyed it at points, amused at the nebbishness of it all, though its not as good as "Welcome To The Dollhouse", putting it dead last on my list of his films. Had he not gone on to bigger and better things I probably wouldn't have watched this, but since I have to admit, I really can't get these songs out of my head.


neillgrant said...

woah! didnt know todd made a film before dollhouse

Joe Sylvers said...

He disowns it, and likes to pretend like it never happened.