Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Sentimental Killing

Vertigo (1958) directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Once upon a time I was some one's Judy, and there was a terrible film noir falling into a psychedelic spiral feeling, when I found a photograph of the ex before me, which might as well have been a small mirror, I was being groomed to match up with reflection wise. People are strange, fetishes are stranger....
Anyway first time I saw this I was too young to understand it, "Hitchcock's just being wilfully weird this time" I remember saying to a friend. Now its like a saw across bone without anaesthesia. Also its Hitchcock's most beautiful film, with the greatest sense of color and mise en scene, possibly his most complex script. It's deadly accurate psycho-analysis. Jimmy Stewart is creepy as hell in this too. Hitchcock has been written about so much, I wont waste the words trying to dig out something new, but I can say it's one of about his 5 legitimate film masterpieces. "You shouldn't keep souvenir's of a killing, you shouldn't have been that sentimental..."

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