Monday, June 29, 2009

Mystery Box

Vozvrashcheniye (The Return)(2003)
Directed By Andrey Zvyagintsev

Whats in the BOX???? The most frustrating object in film history.
Like the glowing case in "Pulp Fiction"(before someone told you the "soul" theory).
Wasn't til I really thought about why it's so frustrating, and why the name "The Return" is almost ironic, that I felt like I maybe understood the movie, which is disappointing in the best way possible. That is to say what isn't in this movie, is as important as what is, the "lack there of", driving it on as in any mystery, accept the confused bundle of emotions only grows and grows and then...we'll then the disappointment becomes painfully and hauntingly poignant.
It's about two boys, whose father they have never known returns and takes them on a trip, not explaining where he has been, where they are going, or why.

He's mysterious, cruel, kind, and all around an enigma.
The younger son hates him more and more as the trip goes on, the older more and more willing to please.
The tension thick enough to spoon.
It's probably the most honest father/son reunion film, Ive ever seen, because it captures along with the torrent of emotions, all that can't be resolved as well.
Hits allot of raw nerves...

...if you've ever been in this situation...
"Louis a boat is a boat, the mystery box could be anything...we'll take the box!"-Peter Griffin

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