Wednesday, June 3, 2009


X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) directed by Gavin Hood

"Hey there's a card player in New Orleans named Gambit", cut to Wolverine arriving in New Orleans walking into a random Casino, and first table he crosses, bam there he is. Wolverine now equipped with worldwide GPS is just one of the many "huh's" in a long series of them. I dunno the fights are okay(the Wolverine Vs. Sabbertooth matches are a bit of a let down though), what precious little drama and humor Brian Singer brought to X franchise, has now evaporated. Nothing you wouldn't expect in a super-hero movie is anywhere near this movie. Could gripe about how it's all so different from the "established" book, tv show, story or whatever, but it's not worth it. Rapper, Will-I-Am, has no business in this movie, as the poor man's Nightcrawler, teleporting around slowly and casually, it's just distracting.
Too many mutants with similar, I can move-fast-and-fight-good-powers, that makes for less than exciting displays, you might as well be watching "Wanted". I wanted to enjoy this for nostalgia's sake, but it's just weak, "they betrayed him and killed the women he he wants pay back, blah, blah, blah." cue Jackman with woman in his arms, screaming at the sky. Mass giggling. Gambit's powers were fun to watch, but no one can seem to keep to an accent in these movies, like Halle Berry's oscillating African to Blah accent in the first films, Gambit comes on Cajun for about the first thirty seconds, than it's like he forgets, oh well. After seeing this, I'm willing to bet money that the Magneto movie is basically going to be, "Hannibal Rising" with super-powers....

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