Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The First Shall Be Last And The Last Shall Be First

The Graveyard Shift(1990)
Directed By Ralph S. Singleton
I wanted to post some lesser seen horror movies up before up Halloween, so lets start with the worst first.
There's good theres, bad, and there's "Graveyard Shift", which is a also synonym for bad. The "Graveyard Shift" is a Stephen King adaptation about late-shift workers who encounter a giant monster in a rat infested basement they are cleaning out for some reason, and the boss who's at minimum aware that something is wrong(after the pattern of disappearances), but more concerned with saving a few bucks and getting the job done.
It's strange that the attention to character detail particularly the funny overplayed New England accents of Brad Dourif and the boss, and the overextended moments of class conflict between the boss and the workers in the basement below, treated like and surrounded by rats, end up lingering in your mind more than the relatively short straight up horror moments of workers lost in the tunnel at the end.
Imagine the descent with terrible effects and reduced to 20 minutes(or don't you wouldn't be missing much).
Still the bass heavy theme song that rolls over the credit's is over the top and evocative of elementary school haunted houses enough to make me wish I had the soundtrack or could at least find the song itself, but it's lost to time and obscurity as this movie rightly deserves to be.
Ive heard it compared favorably to "Tremors", and though its also a blue collar creature feature, the comparisons end there.
I will probably watch it again though, some rainy thundersom night down the line, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone without a serious taste and tolerance for shlock.

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