Monday, October 25, 2010

Collage 10: Leaps, Bounds, And Tumbles

In The Flesh(2010)
Roadside Attraction(2010)
Fightin' Words(Under Your Breath And From On High)(2010)
Beneath The Underground(2010)
The Sweatshop Where Dreams Are Made(2010)
The Take-Off(Salt The Earth Behind Me)(2010)
The Arrival(Celestial Repairs)(2010)
Healer's Mark(2010)
Occam's Shaggy Dog(2010)
Velveteen Shadows(And Other Doubts)(2010)
Wishful Thinking(2010)
Last Gasp Of The Hunter(As The Poison Arrows Take Effect)(2010)
Cosmopolitan Dérive(2010)

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