Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Young People Today

Låt den Rätte Komma In (Let the Right One in) Directed by Tomas Alfredson(2008)

It's easy to like a film this laid back and comfortable with it's character driven very cute, but not sentimental, vampire story about 12 year olds.
The plot is pretty self explanatroy, new girl moves in(at night), and shy boy next door slowly be freinds her. We, the audience, of course know what's going on long before all of the characters do, and it comes as minor revelation; what's a little vampirism in the face of young wuv. I'm not sure though, that this movie is all sweetness, as Eli (the girl next door), we know is not a 12 year old, and as this sinks further in, and you look at her relationship with her "Father/Henchmen/Renfield" in the movie, Oskar and Eli's relationship seems much more unhealthy/uncertain.
The special effects were used at a minimum, which gave the moments when it was in full effect, their weight and gravitas. Except for the scene with the cats, which was a hilarous misfire (or intentionally comic), either way it was funny. "Let The Right One In" is as much a cautionary tale of vampires, as it is of relationships, and who we allow into our lives, (The vampires in this film can't enter your home until invited). Some will find it too slow. I thought it was charming and pretty, which is unusual for a vamp flick, especially now-a-days.
The pool scene is great. The audience applauded. A good start for the Six Shooter film series (a project designed to give the best 6 genre films from around the world, Stateside distribution.)

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