Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To Infinity And...

E tu vivrai nel terrore-L'aldila(The Beyond)
by Lucio Fulci(1981)

Incoherent, grizzly, and gore filled. It's very slow at points, and then when it eventually does get going, it's kind of hard to look at.Makes "Dario Argento"(who was Tupac, to Fulci's Biggy), look like a master of suspense, by comparison. Both this film and Suspiria(Spoiler), feature a scene where a blind woman is attacked by her seeing eye dog. The difference is that where Argento might spend five minutes building music and sound and playing with your nerves a bit before the surprise, Fulci's scene comes after a group of corpses surround the blind woman whose, dog then attacks the undead, til the dog now full of zombie flesh, attacks the girl...who was supposed to be and admits that she is a ghost, begging the question how she could be eaten in the first place?For Argento it's all about tension and irony, for Fulci it's gore and absurdity. Argento has tighter shots, Fulci wilder stories.Another ridiculous moment is the acid bath...from across the room.......or how the movie inexplicably transforms from a haunted house ghost mystery to a zombie survival film, for the last 20 minutes.
The opening sequence on the river and the final scene, are both particularly well shot.Artuad inspired "Spaghetti Horror", goes for the gore, and though not as successful as it's ambitions, does have a more metaphysical and symbolic ending, than most films about gateways into Hell.It's worth seeing.

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