Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite Films Of 2010

Here's a list of my favorite films from 2010 (42 in all). Each movie is paired off with one I found to be similar. If I had to choose(which I suppose I do) the first one written is my favorite of each pair. The list is from favorite to least going top to bottom. The second film in each pair, is still a favorite though and often not much lesser than its mate. I think they all make good double features, or cultural objects ripe for comparison and contrast. I felt so comfortable pairing everything because I found myself liking the films in each pair more or less evenly. The only real exception is that I liked "Somewhere" by a far greater margin than "Greenberg". Now to the reviews 2010 style.

1.Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives/Film Socialism
that shits deep

2.Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World/
Gainsbourg(Vie heroique)
making music and trying to meet girls

3.Enter The Void/Symbol
why do my hands look so big?

4.Life During Wartime/
I Love You Phillip Morris
Dark comedies that showed me the light

5.My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done?/Black Swan
The Maaaaadneeeeesssss

6.Exit Through The Gift Shop/The Shock Doctrine
Capitalism you sneaky devil you
Bored, White, Wealthy, And In LA

8.White Material/The Killer Inside Me
The Repressed Strikes Back!

9.Certified Copy/Wild Grass
Love And Uneven Expectations

Never Let Me Go


11.Micmacs/Valhalla Rising
adventure sans bullets

12.Henri Georges Clouzout's Inferno/I Wish I Knew
The Unfinished Film and The Unfinished City...docish...

13.The Fighter/True Legend
"the only thing standing in your way is you"
14.Winter’s Bone/True Grit
young girls avenging crimes
15.Un Prophete/Animal Kingdom
young men committing crimes

16.Trash Humpers/Tron: Legacy
Now in Lo-fi and hi-def

17.Legion/The Tempest
Low-art & high-art?, the beginning of the end?, Blah blah blah, I just liked these two...

18.Iron Man 2/The Social Network
Nerds with huge egos fighting about intellectual copyright

19.Hot Tub Time Machine/Salt
Better Than Expected
20.The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc Sec/The Chronicles Of Narnia:Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
Trick luv da kids

21.Inception/Shutter Island
Whats real? What's really real though?

Happy New Year ;)

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