Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Shit? Sherlock?

Sherlock Holmes (2009)Directed By Guy Ritchie
Paradoxically a British director has given us the most Americanized Sherlock Holmes ever (a character who has had nearly 200 film adaptations-more than any other fictional character to date). I might have enjoyed this more had they simply not called it "Sherlock Holmes" and just thought up another name for this Victorian bromance, and action comedy. I was entertained I can't say I wasn't. The story finds Holmes dealing with the wicked Lord Blackwood who has come back from the dead with the intention of taking over the world. Only Holmes can stop him, but he is more distracted by the fact that Watson is moving out their bachelor pad, crying in so many words that "Yoko is breaking up the band". Together with his off and on, American thief girlfriend (who may be a double agent), they foil the bad guy at the last possible minute, and save the day (I hope I didn't ruin the end for anyone).
Downey and Law did have some on screen camaraderie that was fun to watch. But Downey is just doing his Tony Stark role with an English accent (eccentric genius, poor people skills, witty, beloved by women, worshipped by men, etc.). Guy Ritchie seemed like he had a good time, but this wasn't just an updated more modern version of a classic character it was someone else-an impersonator, a clever forgery! Who could we get to solve the case of the false advertisement? I know, maybe Sherlock Holmes!And I doubt he would do much bare knuckle brawling and split second super-hero calculations to do it.Something is seriously rotten in Denmark when a movie about the avatar of the scientific method, begins with rocketing carriages and flying fists. As a friend of mine said looking at the poster "Did they really have that much hair gel back then?"

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