Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ego Boost

First and foremost, thanks again Karl (! Anyway, this is what Roger Ebert said about my humble little blogxpirement "He uses an abundance of stills and writes to them specifically. That takes a lot of time and shows in depth thinking." Ebert's Post: Ebert is one of the only professional film critics I read regularly, so this was quite an ego boost, for me and my project here. I do use allot of stills, it does take a lot of time, and I do try to match each picture with each sentence or body of words that proceeds it, to create ironic or oblique tension between words and image.I try to use the blog medium as just that a blog; full of pictures, links, etc, and not just a place to post words I've written. I like writing, I like movies, and I like sharing "neat" things with my friends and with anyone who will listen, because that's how I found out about so many of my favorite things, and because Pay It Forward is a movie I took to heart. Anyway I was very pleased to read both Karl and Ebert's kind words; it's not everyday you get praise from Cesar. Today kudos from one pullitzer prize winning film critic, tommorow the undying obedience and submission of the world!...of people who like reading blogs about movies....

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