Monday, September 8, 2008

"Monster Mash....Graveyard Smash..."

Directed by Clive Barker(1990)
"It's all true kid, God's an astronaut, Oz IS over the rainbow, and Midian is where the monster's go..."One of my true regrets in life, was giving away my Nightbreed t-shirt in highschool.
If you ask to go to Midian before you kill yourself, you can be reborn in a underground city located beneath an obscure Canadian graveyard, full of demons, monsters, shapeshifters; the Nightbreed, for short.Unless of course the evil David Cronenberg (director of "The Fly", "A History Of Violence", "Naked Lunch", to name a few. He is a bit creepy isn't he...) happens to be your psychologist and a defacto serial killer of families...who will set out to kill the "family" of the shadows, unless the chosen one can come forth...and so forth and so on.Not great. But imaginative, bizzare, fun, and completely unique. It's "Little Monsters" all grown up, actually watching this again, I'm pretty positive that Guillermo Del Torro, was watching this, in preparation for the market scene in "Hellboy 2"(people mention the "Star Wars" Cantina, as the point of reference, and it' is but it's at least 60 percent "Night Breed").Also a great score by Danny Elfman. Clive Barker, was never happy with this, and supposedly has lots of extra footage, and hopefully one day we will get a director's cut.
Until then tear off your skin, get a leather jacket, and be reborn to the tribes of the moon.

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