Monday, May 19, 2008

The Funniest Movie You Will Never See

Smala Sussie (Slim Susie)(2003) Dircted by Ulf Malmros
Sweedish comedy gold.It was funny, pretty, and fast paced. This Twin Peaksish little Swedish, town full of oddballs; manic depressive police chiefs, amateur film makers, drug addicts, giants, etc, yields up a murder and conspiracy. Well worn territory, but never worn so well as here. Perspectives and chronology jump around as with Guy Ritche and Quentin Tarantino, who are being subtly parodied, however this is, as much, if not more, of a film about the contradictory impulses involved in "going home" than it is, a tour through small town's underbelly. The story is about a man who receives a mysterious message from his sister asking for help, he returns home to find her disappeared, and suspects foul play. He spends the rest of his time remembering his life before he left, and finding out what happened in his sister's life since he's been gone. Numerous characters and storyline interconnect, and almost all are played for greatest comic effect. The difference between this and allot of of the urban noir, is that it's almost just the opposite, a comedy and takes place in a small town. "Hot Fuzz" is perhaps the most similar film, accept that has a cop drama element there, where this is firmly a movie about going home again, dealing with accusations from the past and finally having the confidence to make some of your own.There are some tragic moments here and there, and a even few of genuine beauty. The soundtrack is mostly bouncing turn of the 2000's euro indie rock and pop, which helps keep up the films frenetic pace, during the camera's many first person drives through the city. Like "Run Lola Run" the soundtrack injects a necessary energy the film would be lost without. Theres a genuine love of cinema here, and of pastiche and reference ala Kevin Smith and Michel Gondry, without feeling tacked on, or in-crowdish. I watched this online at the now defunct "Tv links" and it was one of the best movie via Internet experiences I have ever had.I watched this out of complete boredom expecting only a distraction and what I got was one of the best comedies of this past decade.I haven't been as pleasantly surprised by a comedy like this in a long time. Anyone interested in a fun, hip, whimsical, and inventive good time, see here!

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