Monday, January 31, 2011

Collage 12: Joined At The Hip

Something I Said...?(2010)
And Now A Word From Our Sponsors(2010)
Shot Down (The Cost Of Living)(2011)
A Brief History Of Pop Art(2011)
Where Everybody Knows Your Name(2010)
Subliminal Smalltalk(2011)
Another Day In Paradise(2011)
Planet Falls(2011)
The Singing Stones(2011)
Positive Charge (Defeat Is For The Dead)(2011)
The Fates And Their Wild Mood Swings(2011)
Werkmiester eHarmonies(2011)
Snap Out Of It (A Fool's Errand)(2010)
Establishing Boundaries(2010)
Lord Of The Invisible Hand(2010)
The Garden Of Selective Memory(2010)
Leviathan And Other Fish In The Sea(2011)
Ain't No Sunshine(2010)
The Triumphant Alchemist(2011)
Good Heavens (What The Chambermaid Saw)(2011)
Conflict Resolution(2011)
The Games We Play(2010)
The Exploding Jungle(2010)
Joined At The Hip(2010)
Everything Turns Grey(2010)

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