Monday, October 4, 2010

Collage 9: Scrappy Do

Not Womb Enough For Both Of Us(He Not Busy Being Born)(2010)
Ingrown Language Removal(2010)
The Pull(2010)
Simulation Street(2010)
Prisoners Of Want(2010)
The Icebreaker Sleepwalks(2010)
How To Pick A Winner(2010)
In One Ear And Out The Other(Vessels Are We)(2010)
That Burning Question(2010)
Early Riser(2010)
The Trivial Blues(Your Gonna Feel Like An Asshole Tomorrow)(2010)
Parallel Motives(2010)
A Nice Spot For Sitting Quietly(2010)
At Your Fingertips(2010)
Taste The Rainbow(2010)
Energy Doesn't Die(And It Doesn't Lie)(2010)

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