Wednesday, September 22, 2010

David Lynch: Ranked

The Feature Filmography Of David Lynch In Order Of Personal OpinionMullholand Drive(2001)Lost Highway(1997)Eraserhead(1977)
The Straight Story(1999)Blue Velvet(1986)Inland Empire(2006)Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me(1992)Dune(1984)Wild At Heart(1990)The Elephantman(1980)

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Jeffrey Meyer said...

Inland Empire
Mulholland Drive
Lost Highway
Blue Velvet
Straight Story
Elephant Man
Twin Peaks (film and series)
Wild at Heart

It would actually be easier for me to rate individual scenes, as I think all of his stuff is somewhat uneven, as much I love it. For example, the scene in Blue Velvet where Jeffrey is found by Dorothy, and the scene where Dorothy wanders naked into the living room -- both amazing.

Anyway, he's some kind of genius.