Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Collage 4: The Quickening

Chillin N Shit(2010)Pit Within Pit Within Pit(2010)Sore Eyes(2010)
The Waiting Game(Left)(2010)The Waiting Game(Middle-Left)(2010)The Waiting Game(Middle)The Waiting Game(Middle-Right)(2010)The Waiting Game(Right)(2010)The Waiting Game(Full)(2010)Orpheus And The Maenads(2010)Reoccurring Dream(Set To "Return Of The Mack")(2010)Born Yesterday(Been Up All Night)(2010)Our Eyes Met From Across The Dance Floor(2010)The Gondolangoliers(2010)We Have Contact(2010)Delany(2010)Still-Life At Windowsill(2010)Oblivious Rex(2010)The Devil You Know Meets The Devil You Don't In An Elevator And It's Awkward(2010)My Date With Senior Pain(2010)Feeding Time(2010)

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