Sunday, February 14, 2010

20 Favorites

This list will remain fluid as new films are seen and old ones are added or cut. Check in from time to time so see what's making my head explode this week. 20B. You The Living
20A. Songs From The Second Floor
19.My Winnipeg

18B.I Am Cuba 18A.2001: A Space Odyssey
17.After Life
16.Daisies15.Trans14.Code 46

12.Ganja And Hess 11.The Life Aquatic W Steve Zissou10.Help Me Eros 9.The Holy Mountain8.Synecdoche, New York7.Love Exposure 6.Alex Trilogy Pt 3: The Lovers On The Bridge 6. Alex Trilogy Pt. 2 Mauvais Sang 6. Alex Trilogy Pt 1. Boy Meets Girl 5. George Washington 4. Drowning By Numbers 3. Chameleon Street 2. Mon Oncle D'amerique 1. Waking Life

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